Online Expat Counseling

Online expat counseling.

Barends Psychology Practice offers online expat counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling for mental issues, and personal development for individuals, couples, and families. Learn how to acquire the skills that are needed for discovering your pathway towards a healthy, fulfilling, and happy life.

An open, honest, non-judgemental, and encouraging approach combined with the skills and experience of professional and devoted therapists is what makes (online) counseling at Barends Psychology Practice a positive and unique experience. We offer online expat counseling in English (Maja and Niels), Slovene (Maja), Indonesian (Georgina), Portuguese (Roberta), Arab (Ehab), Spanish (Roberta), and Dutch (Niels). Would you like to read more about Barends Psychology Practice or about our working experience: Please click here.

Barends Psychology Practice offers online expat counseling for:


Go to contact us to schedule a first, free of charge, online session. For information about fees and opening hours, please click here. (Depending on your health insurance, sometimes treatment can be reimbursed).


Therapy reimbursement:

In some cases therapy costs can be reimbursed by your health insurance company. Please, be sure to check what your health insurance covers. CIGNA health insurance is one of the health insurance companies that reimburses therapy at Barends Psychology Practice.

In what way do we offer treatment?

Online Counseling.

Online expat counseling.

With online counseling you can schedule sessions whenever you feel like it. Even outside office hours. We can reflect on your progress, talk about your daily struggles, your past, and future perspective. Read more about online counseling.

Counseling in Ljubljana.

Therapy sessions Ljubljana

Face to face counseling sessions are offered in English, Slovene, and Dutch for those who live in Ljubljana and surroundings. Read more about counseling in Ljubljana.

Online family counseling.

family counseling. An animated couple plus child.

Online family counseling focuses on communication, resolving conflicts, establishing family values, and creating better dynamics. For more information: online family counseling.


Online Marriage counseling.

Online marriage counseling - two 3d people making a selfie.

Online marriage counseling focuses on problems in communication, intimacy, (cultural) differences, and work-partner balance. For more information: Online marriage counseling.



How does it work?


Contact us.

Contact us

Fill in the contact form. Within 24 hours we will send you a reply. Or call, text, Whatsapp or Viber us at 00 386 40 681 058.

Schedule an appointment.


During the first session, we will talk about your issues and we will set up a treatment plan.


Start counseling.


We will have a session each week or every other week, and you may get homework in between sessions.